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Shopping Sustainably

August 08, 2019

Discovering the fun and practically of secondhand shopping can come naturally to some, but for others, it can be a much longer process. When I was in high school, shopping at vintage and thrift stores was an obsession. I loved finding pieces no one else wanted to wear anymore and styling them in fresh new ways. However, after graduating and increasing my income, I indulged myself with a lot more department store and boutique shopping because my priority shifted to convenience. Now that the need and desire for secondhand shopping has reintroduced itself to the clothing industry, it’s as much about sustainability as it can be about cost-effectiveness.


Fast fashion has become something of an epidemic in our country. Did you know that the fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter behind oil? For as popular as they were ten years ago, fast fashion stores have increased in popularity largely due to the influencer industry. Many people are ready and willing to spend $20 on a shirt they think is trendy, rather than $60 on a shirt that will last for years.


Shopping secondhand marries the better of these two worlds. At a place like Style Encore, you’re more likely to find something that’s both high-quality and at the price you’re looking for. Another benefit of shopping for gently used items is that the talented and knowledgeable buying team at Style Encore already curates the inventory for you.


There are already so many great pieces out there and lucky for us, many of those pieces end up at your local Style Encore! Although it is a responsibility to shop sustainably as a significant way to keep our planet green, it’s one that we can take both pride and pleasure in doing.

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford | @truelane